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U N C L A S S I F I E D - Public Portal
Ft. Belvoir

    (Requires Intelink Access)

    This site provides resources for peronnel to make informed decisions while developing evasion plans of action or conducting other Personnel Recovery mission planning.

  • Doctrine & Guidance

    DoD policy directives and instructions combined with joint doctrine form the foundation of how to conduct operations. Other supporting materials include Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff manuals, guides and handbooks; Service doctrine; and operational concepts and studies that add to the versatility of thought for the future and provide fodder for discussion.

  • Evasion Aids
    (Requires Intelink Access)

    Products include both current and legacy Blood Chits, an Evasion Chart Overlay with instructions for ordering, and a database with Pointee-Talkees available to print on demand.

  • Planning Support

    A variety of PR planning support tools are available to assist in mission analysis, slscting the best course of action, developing the PR plan, measuring performance, and integrating PR and the PR annex into the overall OPLAN. These tools can be adapted for real-world events or exercises.

  • Education & Training

    JPRA education and training programs provide continuous Joint PR education, training, advice, assistance and analysis to DoD and selected national and international professionals in order to enable commanders, forces, and individuals to identify and meet current and future PR challenges.

  • Strategic Communication

    Products to support the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency's mission and vision to support the warfighter and fulfill our promise to the men and women we send in harm's way. Includes area specific trifold broshure, support product brochures, posters, and video.